RDS Encoders

The Audessence RDS PRO Series are fully featured, reliable RDS (Radio Data System) / RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) encoders. Tired of endless trouble with an existing low-cost RDS encoder? Difficult-to-use, unreliable software, unacceptable interference to your stereo audio, or missing RDS features like EON ? You can solve all these problems and save money at the same time with an RDS PRO!

Now supports basic UECP (Universal Encoder Control Protocol) control for revenue-generating applications like dynamic traffic applications (TMC) and song tagging (RT+)

  • RDS-PRO-1: Fully Featured RDS Encoder ( PDF)
  • RDS PRO-2: Includes IP port (PDF)
  • RDS PRO-4: Includes IP and LCD (PDF)