About Audessence

RDS PRO-2 – Professional RDS encoder with integral Ethernet port for TCP/IP control
ProCoder-3 – Professional stereo encoder with integrated audio processing and RDS
ProCoder 2 – Professional stereo encoder with integrated audio processing
Podblaster – Low cost audio leveler in compact half-rack format
AM PRO-1 – Professional AM transmission audio processor
ALPS-2 – Professional leveler, plus front panel LCD and jog-wheel

Trouble-free audio processing and radio products to make life easier for broadcast professionals.

Audessence products are divided into three categories; Audio Levelers, RDS Encoders, and Broadcast Audio Processors (AM, FM, DAB etc).

Audessence also sells selected products from third-party suppliers. We do not offer a supermarket approach where everything is available, leading to a massive and confusing array of products to choose from. Instead we only offer only those that we have chosen when building systems for our customers, and which have proved to work exceptionally well in those real-world applications over many years.

All our products at a glance – click on the image to see a larger version

Customers Say…

“Our AM PRO1 has been an awesome piece of kit and has outlasted the mosely stl it feeds. Although mysterious knobs twiddlers still invade the studios we have had no problems…

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