RDS PRO-2 – Professional RDS encoder with integral Ethernet port for TCP/IP control

ProCoder-3 – Professional stereo encoder with integrated audio processing and RDS

ProCoder 2 – Professional stereo encoder with integrated audio processing

Podblaster – Low cost audio leveler in compact half-rack format

AM PRO-1 – Professional AM transmission audio processor

ALPS-2 – Professional leveler, plus front panel LCD and jog-wheel

Audessence designs, manufactures and sells trouble-free audio processing and radio products to make life easier for broadcast professionals.

Whether you are just starting out with a brand new station, or a seasoned pro with years of experience already under your belt, you’ll join many others who love the features and ease of use and depend on the ultimate reliability of Audessence.

We take our technical standards very seriously – when we print a specification, we mean it! Every individual Audessence product is thoroughly tested to exceed its specification. We also understand that great sound and a good user experience aren’t only about specifications. Every audio product is also tested with programme material to make sure it will work instantly out of the box and will sound every bit as good as it should.

News in Brief

Latest new software: ProCoder-2 & ProCoder-3 audio processors with stereo encoders now both include ITU–412 MPX Power Limiter.

We will shortly be launching two new RDS products, the RDS PRO-3 and..

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Customers Say…

“Just finished installation of new local station in Jyväskylä with two Audessence procoders. The original idea was to install Optimod 5500 at the studio. We think that the Procoders sound so good…

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