Customers Say

“We really like the ALPS-1-IP. The ability to configure it only through an IP link is a great security help. And they sound good! The are audibly cleaner in their limiting than the O** 8200’s that we were using in limit-only mode – actually they are virtually impossible to detect in their operation but they control peaks perfectly in our audio chain. I’m very happy that Jim Peck at SCMS found them for me.”

Mike Byrnes

Radio Chief Engineer, WETA (Classical Music)

“Just finished installation of new local station in Jyväskylä with two Audessence procoders. The original idea was to install Optimod 5500 at the studio. We think that the Procoders sound so good as a standalone processors so we didn´t use it with Optimod. Ficora (local Ofcom [transmission regulator]) inspector checked the transmitter sites and he called me back afterwards from the car just to tell me that the sound is amazing!”

Hannu Uotila

Proton Broadcast Eurajoki, Finland

“That stuff really works!! Its not just advertising blurb… Yes I’m referring to the Audessence equipment and the difference to off air sound once I had inserted into the circuit – was outstanding to say the least.”

Tony Slzichter

Kalamunda Community Radio

Thanks a million for a great product!!!

Andrew Lesniara s.j.

Chikuni Community Radio, Lusaka, Zambia

“Our AM PRO1 has been an awesome piece of kit and has outlasted the mosely stl it feeds. Although mysterious knobs twidlers still invade the studios we have had no problems with the audio chain thanks to having no knobs on the unit.”

Paul Layt

Radio Ferrymead Christchurch, New Zealand

“Your RDS machines are great.
Thank you.”

Femi Aderanti

Broadcast Engineer, Cool FM / Wazobia FM / NigeriaInfo FM Nigeria

“Thanks for getting the 250 back to me safe and sound.

The sound is fantastic, the mush has gone totally, everything sounds nice and clean. Spot on result.

I notice there is more consistency between tracks now, the older stuff (pre-90s) still sounds sweet, and the newer audio sounds great now too, with some of the hyper-compressed dance tracks sounding mind-blowingly great (I’m not really a fan of the music but have found myself listening to quite a few tracks as they sound so good!)

Thanks again for the time you took with the refurb / tweaks.”

Jono Woodward

RPC Audio, UK

I specified the Procoders because I have found them to be reliable elsewhere and Afghanistan is a tough place for any equipment.

Dave Stanley

Engineer, BBC World Service